Killygarvan Graveyard
Plot No. U.M.

Buried Here:

Mary Boyle from Boylestown

Patrick Boyle from Boylestown

John Boyle from Boylestown

Susan Hazlitt died May 1942 aged 60

Margaret McCafferty died April 1942 aged 45

Ellen Loughrey died April 1942 aged 82

Hannah Shovlin from Drumhalla Upr. died November 1942 aged 63

Philip Doherty from Oughterlin

Margaret Doherty from Oughterlin

Isabella Doherty from Oughterlin

Stephen Friel from Drumhalla Point

Family McMeartry from Granahalloway

William Friel from Drumhalla Point died 1910

Annie Friel from Drumhalla Point

Hugh Boyle from Boylestown died 1910

Catherine Boyle from Boylestown died 1910

William Boyle from Boylestown

Hannah Callan from Clondallon died March 1953 aged 69

Michael Boyle from Boylestown

Eliza Callan from Clondallon died 1940

Hugh Callan from Clondallon

Catherine Callan from Clondallon

Mary A. McGrory died January 1927 aged 60

John Martin died December 1926 aged 65

Michael Deeney from Ballyboe died January 1949 aged 45

Bridget Coll died June 1927 aged 50

Hannah Loughrey from Elly died April 1939 aged 63

Anne Deeney from Ballyboe died February 1950 aged 88

Catherine Shovlin from Drumhalla Upr. died 1890

Charles Deeney died July 1927

John Shovlin from Drumhalla Upr.

Patrick Doherty died June 1927 aged 75

Catherine Morrison died June 1941 aged 47

Charles Doherty died June 1941 aged 34

Mary Ferry died October 1941 aged 75

Anne Peoples died November 1946 aged 65

Sara Carr died June 1941 aged 72

Patrick Madden died October 1927 aged 60

Bridget Diver died October 1927 aged 26

D. Toy died March 1928

James Doherty died April 1941 aged 63

Mary Doherty died January 1941 aged 21

Patrick McGarvey from Lurgan Boyce died December 1940

Hugh Coyle died August 1940 aged 73

Julia Hagan died October 1940 aged 86

Charles Laney died June 1960 aged 60

Mary Duffy died September 1945

Patrick Crawford died April 1928

Edward Brogan died November 1943 aged 43

Charles Deeney died March 1944 aged 66

Thomas Ward died February 1944 aged 66

John Mulrine died February 1960 aged 87

Family Doherty

Eleonora Green died November 1942 aged 53

Mary Burke died November 1959 aged 82

James Logan died February 1945

Family McCollum

Patrick Barrett died October 1944 aged 54

Anna Molseed died December 1946

Charles Gallagher died July 1943 aged 64

Dennis Ward died June 1943 aged 50

Mary Harkin died October 1943 aged 80

Mary Smyth died July 1946

Eleonora Laney died October 1947 aged 77

Teresa Crerand died December 1948 aged 78

Frank McFadden died May 1944 aged 73

Hugh Griffin died May 1951 aged 69

Brigid McWilliams died February 1949 aged 83

Eleonora McGarvey died June 1942 aged 86

Denis Gallagher died October 1944 aged 77

Maurice Gallagher died December 1927

William McFadden died July 1942 aged 80

Dennis Gallagher died December 1927 aged 72

Rose Whoriskey died October 1942 aged 75

Hugh Whoriskey died January 1928

Margaret Friel from Killygarvan died May 1925

Hugh Canning from Legland

William Friel from Killygarvan died June 1925 aged 46

Charles McBride died February 1928

John Canning from Legland

Henry Canning from Legland died September 1947

James Canning from Legland

Thomas Carr from Ballyconnelly died June 1962 aged 86

Rose A. Friel from Killygarvan died September 1951 aged 72

James Canning from Legland

Rose Canning from Legland

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