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Find out a little about Irish Graveyard Surveyors

About Irish Graveyard Surveyors

Founded in 2007 by Managing Director Michael Durkan, Irish Graveyard Surveyors is Ireland's premier graveyard surveying company.

IGS currently employs 6 full-time and 4 part-time staff.

IGS provide a data recording and mapping service, recording and plotting the details of every grave within a graveyard. The data is displayed on a sign at the graveyard and also online. Links can be provided from parish websites, so that each parish has a direct link to their own graveyard.

The Surveying

The survey of each graveyard commences with the numbering and mapping of each grave. This is done using a combination of GPS and eye mapping. Once this has been done, a digital map of the graveyard is compiled showing the number of each grave within the map. The map and the list of names are then displayed on a sign showing the map of the graveyard and the names listed in alphabetical order, showing the surname, first name, address, month and year of death and age at time of death together with the plot number.

A draft is then displayed in the parish with correction sheets provided allowing parishioners to come forward with any local information on unmarked graves and plots where names may not be included on headstones. This information is then collected and added to the original survey. Once finished a stainless steel sign is then erected at a location agreed between IGS, the Parish Priest and the local authority. The information is then added to our database and displayed on our website. From start to finish each project takes 2-4 weeks, depending on the size of the graveyard.

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