Lissan Graveyard
Plot No. 143 Section Old





Buried Here:

John McGlade died March 1932 aged 82

Catherine McGlade died February 1928

Isabella McGlade

Sarah McGlade

Mary McGlade

Rosanne McGlade

Robert McGlade

Edward McGlade

James McGlade

Rosanne McGlade

James McGlade

John McGarvey died March 1920 aged 83

James McGarvey died June 1913 aged 103

Jane McGarvey died June 1912 aged 45

Hannah McGarvey died June 1866 aged 82

Fanny McGarvey died March 1901 aged 66

John J. McGarvey from Drumard died October 1998 aged 51

Frances McGarvey from Drumard died March 1986 aged 84

Patrick J. McGarvey from Drumard died July 1960 aged 65

Michael McGarvey died November 1945 aged 87

Ellen J. McGarvey

Patrick J. McGarvey

Michael G. McGarvey

Mary B. McGarvey

Thomas McGarvey died December 1898 aged 2

Jane McGarvey died 1886

John McGarvey died June 1872 aged 84

John McGarvey died May 1892

Sarah McGarvey died January 1887

Jane McGarvey died August 1940 aged 85

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